Q1.Who is a SARSO Customer?
Answer: A purchaser who buys any SARSO Product(s) from our Independent Sales Representative/Distributor is termed as a SARSO Customer.

Q2.Who is a SARSO ‘Registered Customer’?
Answer: A purchaser who wishes to buy/shop SARSO Product(s) directly atwww.sarsobiz.net is required to register his/her KYC Details online and thenafter he/she is termed as a Registered Customer. Online Registration requires you to contact Independent Sales Representatives of SARSO who introduced you to SARSO Products and Services.Every registered Customer is given a Unique Customer ID and Password for free access to www.sarsobiz.net where one can always view the Purchase Report with details like Date of Purchase, BV Points etc. ( BV means Business Volume which is a pre-notified value in Points assigned to every SARSO Product)

Note: A Registered Customer can buy Products at Regular Prices and no special perks/privileges are entitled to him/her.

Q.3.Who is a SARSO Privileged Customer?
Answer: A purchaser who purchases Products with accumulated associated Business Volume Points :50 within 30 days of his/her First Purchase is named Privileged Customer .As part of many Privileges, the Customer is now entitled free access to www.sarsoeducation.net for e-learning and receive SARSO:IHO Wellness Card with Complementary Benefits from Indian Health Organization ( part of AETNA: a Fortune 500 company ) . Click here to see all the benefitsof being a SARSO PRIVILEGED

Q.4 Why do SARSO Products have BV Points?
Answer:Each product is assigned a BV point value. This value is important for these reasons:
1.It helps you determine how many products you need to order to achieve the status of a PRIVBILIGED Customer.
2.Points are used for calculations of Incentives under SARSO:Sales and Marketing Plan.

Q. 5.Is it necessary to follow LEGALS (TERMS AND CONDITIONS) and other information given on the website www.sarsobiz.net? 
Answer: This is mandatory to follow our LEGALS (TERMS AND CONDITIONS), FAQs and other information given on our website.

Q. 6. I have wrongly entered my Username. How can I change it?
Answer: Any kind of modification in Username is not possible once the online registration process is over.

Q. 7. Is it necessary to send email from my sarsomail email id if I want to get my shipping address changed?
Answer: It is mandatory for every SARSO Privileged Customer & SARSO Distributor to send email from his/her sarsomail or Registered email-ID in the Order Form for any changes/modifications he/she would like to get done. Also, the Customer has an option to Update his/her Profile in the respective Customer Panel at www.sarsobiz.net.

Q. 8.How can I retrieve my login password for saarsobiz.net in case I have forgotten it?
Answer: On www.sarsobiz.net company provides the facility to access your forgotten/lost password by clicking on ‘Forgot Password’ & filling in details of your Customer/SBO Id and registered email id (the one you have mentioned in the Customer Order Form). In case you have not mentioned a registered email ID, you have to send a demand draft of Rs. 113/- (Rs.100 + taxes) along with your address proof to SARSO  Office to retrieve the password.

Q. 9.What should I do if I forgot to mention a registered email ID in my customer order form? 
Answer: If you wish to update or edit any of your details, you can go to your Customer panel by accessing www.sarsobiz.net using your unique ID and Password details .

Q. 10.How do I know the dispatch status of my product?
Answer: After your successful payment transaction, the company delivers the product within 30 days. You will receive an email from SARSO Support team providing courier details whenever it gets dispatched. Also in the Login Panel at www.sarsobiz.net , the same details can be accessed by you.

Q.  11.What are the benefits provided of SARSO :IHO Wellness Card?
Answer: This Card brings you many complementary Health Benefits, which are independently administered by IHO to take care of all preventive & pre-hospitalization healthcare needs, providing you free or subsidized services across the following categories:

  • Dentists
  • Doctors of virtually all specializations
  • Pathology labs
  • Radiology labs
  • Pharmacies (this offer is presently available in select cities only)
  • Dial a Doctor – you can receive medical advice related to routine or minor illnesses instantly over the phone from a qualified medical practitioner.

Q. 12.Which specialized doctors are part of the panel?
Answer: The IHO network covers virtually most doctor specializations, for example:

  • General Physicians
  • Pediatricians
  • Orthopedics
  • Gynecologists
  • Cardiologist
  • Dermatologist
  • ENT
  • Neurologist
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Oncologist etc

On the dental side as well, all dental specializations are covered

Q.  13.How do I know that IHO doctors are of a good standard?
Answer: Only those doctors are added to the network who meets the rigorous empanelment criteria decided by IHO’s panel of medical experts. Some of the criterion that they need to meet is:

  • Masters Degree
  • Registered Doctors
  • Minimum 5 years experience
  • IHO Certification on Clinic Hygiene Standards

Only if he/she has good practice or name that any of the above points may be overlooked. Therefore, you can rest assured that all doctors on the network are of high quality.

Q. 14. What is the time for delivery of card to the customer? What is the process to be followed in case I do not receive the card within the specified time?
Answer: You will receive the SARSO -IHO  Card within 30 days of achieving status of our Privileged Customer. In the unlikely event that you do not receive the SARSO-IHO card within this time period, please contact SARSO Office. Also you should check in the Important links Section  on the website by clicking the list of  RTO Packs and the list of Customers with Addresses Out of Delivery Area .In case, you find your name or ID there ,update your address and contact SARSO Office.

Q. 15.This SARSO Free Wellness Plan is hardly useful – I do not go to Doctors?
Answer: You are very lucky that you have been keeping healthy so far. However, unfortunately we cannot assume that this will continue to be the case. This is like paying for an insurance premium – you hope that you do not have to use it, but if something does happen, it will make things easier for you. Also, you should not only wait for an illness to happen to use an SARSO:IHO Health card – it can help take care of your preventive health check-ups etc at a lower cost.

Q. 16. How many members in the family can be covered in SARSO Free Wellness Plan?
Answer: Only the Privileged Customer id covered in SARSO Free Wellness Plan.  

Q. 17.How many doctors do you have all over India?
Answer: IHO has close to 4000 Doctors across 18 cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Cochin, Kolkata, Noida, Faridabad, Sonepat, Chandigarh, Vadodara, Ghaziabad and Surat. Moreover, the list of doctors is being increased on a continuous basis.

Q. 18.What happens if there is an emergency and I need to go to a doctor & your call centre is not working?
Answer: The SARSO-IHO Health Plan is meant to help you focus on preventive health care for you & your family, so that you can hopefully avoid emergency situations. In the unfortunate case of an emergency, we strongly recommend that you rush to an emergency care facility.

Q.19. I selected the wrong Product while filling my Order Form, can I change that?
Answer: In case, you have submitted your Order Request online, the Product selected can’t be changed.However, you can fill a fresh request online order form .

In case, your order form copy with Payment is received by company , Product Order can’t be changed.You can cancel your order as per our Refund Policy.

Q. 20.What is SARSO’s Refund Policy?

  1.  The reasonably priced High Quality SARSO Products and Services have earned SARSO, the trust of customers across India.
  2. SARSO responsibly stands behind the quality of SARSO Products.
  3. All PRODUCTS under Category :  “Great Value Deals”- Club SARSO Products and SARSO MERCHANDISE Combos are covered by SARSO's  REFUND POLICY.
  4. If the customer is not completely satisfied, he/she can return the Product /Pack within 7 days ( in case he/she has received)from the date of payment and can ask for refund.
  5. The Refund is applicable only if a written/online request (from respective SARSO mail ID) for the same is received by the company.
  6. Please note that all the cancellation/refund requests which are received on last day till 5 pm will only be entertained. 
  7. The company would deduct Rs. 1000 + service tax from the total amount in case the Product was purchased from category : :  “Great Value Deals”- and refund the balance.
  8. Product Pack should be returned unopened and in sealed condition.

Q.21. I have received the PRODUCT Pack, but it is in tampered /damaged condition ?
Answer: Our Logistics Department does proper “Quality Check” of the Product and its Packaging before making any delivery.Yet, in rarest of the rare situation, if the Product Packaging is tampered on the way, there is a clear INSTRUCTION on the Parcel –Not to accept the same from the Courier Company and return the same there and then.

Q.22. Is there any Warranty/Guarantee of a promotional Offer Free Product, I received as Gift?
Answer: Our Logistics Department does proper “Quality Check” of the Product and its Packaging before making any delivery.Yet, in rarest of the rare situation, if the Free Gift has certain quality issues, we apologize for the same but there is no Warranty on that.However, your feedback is important to us.

Q.23 I feel misguided by a SARSO Diustributor / SBO and want refund of my cost paid towards the Purchased Product back, what should I do? 
Answer: Once you get our Product Demonstration or Presentation by any SARSO Distributor , it is your duty to verify all details with our website www.sarsobiz.net   by yourself.  You must go through our “Terms and Conditions”and FAQs properly before purchasing our product. You should deliver the Bank Draft and signed in DECLARATION on the Customer Order Form for purchase of our product only after getting complete satisfaction with our product. It should be noted that company is not responsible for any kind of false commitment/information made/provided by any SBO. However, if you still feel cheated or misguided, and you want your money back  then read our REFUND Policy

Q.24 I am not satisfied with the Product / Services and have sent the payment. For refund, as per the policy of the Company I failed to intimate for the cancellation of my product within the allotted time (which is 7 days from the date of payment received by the company). What should I do to recover my money paid towards the purchase of Club SARSO or SARSO Merchandise Package? 
Answer: After an expiry of this period, we cannot refund the money paid towards fulfillment of your Order 

Q.25. I like your listed Club SARSO/Merchandise COMBOs listed on  www.sarsobiz.net.  Can I buy by paying cash to a SARSO Distributor/SBO?
Answer: There is no option as “Cash” as  Mode of Payment for buying any of our listed COMBOs on www.sarsobiz.net. You are sincerely advised not to pay cash to anybody but to choose only from the listed options for Payment. Company will not be responsible for any Cash Transaction made between you and any SBO.

Q.26 My password and other details are disclosed while filling details in Online Order Form.What should I do now? 
Answer:You are suggested to change all the confidential information like password etc. immediately .

Q.27 I was not at home when courier boy came to deliver my WELCOME KIT/PARCEL, so it got returned to SARSO Office. Do I need to pay some extra charges to get my Product/Parcel/Welcome Kit back ?
Answer: YES, YOU NEED TO PAY EXTRA CHARGES to enable Redispatch of your returned Welcome Kit/Parcel If the same got returned due to wrong / incomplete address or your non- availability at your registered Address as per the following:

  1. FOR PRODUCTS INCLUSIVE OF SHIPPING COST, YOU NEED TO SEND Demand Draft OF Rs.113 (inclusive all taxes).