The Product Assortment of SARSO includes a Variety of Services and Goods primarily in, Fashion, Home Care, Personal Care, Health Care, Education( and Tourism( sectors.

Buying any SARSO Product would require you to contact a SARSO Distributor/ Independent Sales Representative of SARSO .If you wish to buy directly at from any of the listed SHOPPING Categories at , you have to register yourself at while placing online your First Purchase Order . Please note, there is no cost in becoming our Registered customer , you just need to fill in your KYC form and the ID Details of our Distributor who introduced you to our website. Please visit SHOPPING Section to see/buy all featured products.

Buying any of the Product COMBO from listed Category:GREAT VALUE DEALS : Club SARSO COMBOs & SARSO Merchandise COMBOS will entitle you the status of our PRIVILIGED CUSTOMER.

As part of many Privileges , the Priviliged Customer gets SARSO: IHO Wellness Card free offering complementary Health Benefits from ourHealth Partner: IHO ( Part of AETNA,a fortune 500 Company). You also get free access to for e-learning along with free SMS Pack at (