SARSO Wellness Plan

Good quality healthcare services are one of the most important requirements in India. However, there has been a complete lack of focus on preventive health care in India with less than 2% of the population focusing on it. SARSO brings membership of Indian health organization to its SBOs to give them wellness. SARSO in association with IHO aims to build the biggest network of high quality doctors in India who are easily accessible and are far more affordable to the general population.

  • SARSO wellness Plan aims to make  high quality healthcare more affordable in India.
  • SARSO takes pride to share that IDA (Indian Dental Association) has partnered & collaborated with IHO for the cause of promoting preventive health care within India.

Prevention is better than cure; focus on your loved ones’ health today---

  • Be guided as per your requirements to some of the best medical practitioners in India!
  • Avail of free or subsidised medical consultations/ treatments across the network of empanelled medical practitioners!
  • No restrictions based on age or present or past medical condition – suitable for all family members!
  • No pre-defined spending limits or lengthy claim procedures!

SARSO Wellness Plan helps its SBOs to take care of all preventive and pre-hospitalization expenses. With more than four thousand of the finest medical practitioners in the country empanelled, SARSO brings access to IHOs network which is perhaps bigger than the largest hospitals in India. SARSO will provide one IHO card to the purchaser and he can avail below mentioned benefits.

Dental Benefits

  • No consultation fees charged by any dentist
  • 50% off on any Cleaning and X-rays at dentists
  • 30% (min 25%) off on all dental treatments

Medical Benefits

  • 2 consultations absolutely free with empanelled doctors every membership term, or 50% off on all consultations
  • 25% (min 20%) off on any further treatments with doctor within clinic


  • 30% (min 20%) off on all radiology tests

Pathology Benefits

  • 30%  (min 20%) off on all pathology tests

Preventive Health Check-Up Benefits

  • Health checkup vouchers as an enrollment benefit offering 50% savings on body check ups

Dial – a - Doctor

  • Receive medical advice related to routine or minor illnesses instantly over the phone from a qualified medical practitioner



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